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Placement & Internships

Kingston, believes in building strong leaders with our consistently growing placements& internship programmes. Due of its strong Industry-aligned courses Kingston has always been a preferred campus of fresh talent for our recruiters. We retain an effective recruitment and placement cell to provide effective employment opportunities to our students. Our programmes are designed to improve confidence levels, analytical thought, presentation delivery, communication skills and technical know-how.The following skills are embedded into our students’ DNA post admission at Kingston School of Management & Science :

Communication – Kingston houses spoken English classes on a frequent basis courtesy of our one-of-a kind Central Resource Department.
Empathy – Since, we are a college of over 2000 students belonging from various backgrounds, we thrive in working as a closely knit gathering and this would not be possible without tolerance, respect and empathy towards each and every individual inside the campus. This is a skill that will help our students throughout their post college entrepreneurship journey.
Personal Branding – Self branding and articulation is a tremendously essential necessity in Millennials era. KSMS’s amazing faculty help students to hone this skill on a regular basis through constant training and development.
Persuasive Writing – The courses are designed as per MAKAUT norms which help develop our students’ eloquent/logical reasoning skills which is highly sought after.
Creative Thinking – Through various extra-curricular activities and frequent inter-college creative writing competitions, our students develop a highly creative and innovative mid-set which aids them in becoming successful entrepreneurs and individuals.

Placement & Interships

Our students have enrolled in successful placement and Internship programs with the following hospitals & renowned firms are like :